We are all searching for love and connection. Without connection, we can become miserable and dissatisfied.

In this search, many lose sight of what they want or become discouraged trying to find their way. Some symptoms of disconnection may include: lashing out or pushing away the very people you want to be closest with, feeling stuck in an unsatisfying career, acting just like your parents despite all attempts not to, poor self care, making harmful or neglectful choices, being mean to yourself rather than kind, feeling stressed all the time, having trouble sleeping, trouble eating or digesting, or experiencing chronic physical pain. If you would like to find your way back to connection, call me to see how I can help you, 707-331-5246.

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Whether you are coming to therapy or counseling for help with specific challenges or you are wanting to deepen into your personal growth process, I will strive to meet you where you are and create an open, trusting and collaborative relationship from which to embark on our work together.

An integral part of therapy is learning to grow towards healthy relationships, which begins with the relationship with one’s Self. Moving from a secure sense of self provides a vast resource for navigating life’s many difficulties and healing from past wounding. I will work with you to build awareness of your present moment experience while cultivating empathy, acceptance and understanding for whatever arises. Thus, you can begin to reintegrate disowned aspects of your Self and move towards wholeness. I have witnessed that as people learn to deeply care for and tend to their Self, this will ripple into the rest of their life, allowing greater experiences of connection with others, as well as providing a compass for the many choices in life that will ultimately lead to continued nurturing and support and greater satisfaction and joy. 

Couple’s Therapy and Counseling

When people come together in an intimate partnership they are often coming from two completely different family cultures with different values and needs, different ways of expressing love and emotions, and different styles of communication. This can lead to layers of hurt and misunderstanding. Furthermore, it is often within the love relationship that the most challenging aspects of our personalities surface. I believe that this is because these difficult parts only feel safe to emerge with the person with whom we are closest.

People come into relationships in order to grow and heal, though often they lack the tools to do so effectively and instead find themselves in a cycle of emotional pain, withdrawal, or reactivity. I work collaboratively and empathically with couples to build the tools they need in order to find their way back to deep connection, support and love.

Many blessings on your journey.

If you are interested to hear more about how I may be able to help you, please call 707-331-5246 to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation.

Moving Toward


In session I work actively to build resilience, helping clients to develop and cultivate:

Self Esteem

Communication Skills



Decision Making Skills

Kindness towards the Self

Emotional Regulation

Healthy Boundaries




Self Care

Self Reflection



Positive Self Image

Self Advocacy


Healthy Sexuality


Understanding of Values



Positive Relationships

Supportive Spirituality

I have supported clients towards growth and wholeness who are having difficulty with:

Childhood Trauma

Recent Trauma


Low Self Esteem

Self Worth Issues








Emotional Outbursts

Difficulty Making Decisions

Conflict in Relationships Dissatisfaction


Parenting Issues

Chronic Pain

Adoption Issues

Addiction Issues


Harmful Habits

Poor Self Care

Existential Anxiety

Lani Lee, MFT

Individual and Couple Psychotherapy

Licence# LMFT51375       707-331-5246        Santa Rosa, CA